New regulations in New Brunswick shift the operational responsibility for recycling from municipalities to the organizations that produce and sell packaging and paper.

Starting May 1, recycling will be managed by Circular Materials, a national not-for-profit organization that is committed to building an efficient and effective recycling system in New Brunswick. 

As part of this transition, residents can expect to have a convenient, consistent, and effective recycling system that will improve recycling rates – benefiting people and our planet. 

As of May 1, all recycling inquiries should be directed to:

In Prince William, Kingsclear and Dumfries, contact Circular Materials Contractor: Fero
Phone number: 506-472-3376

In Manners Sutton & the Village, contact Circular Materials Contractor: Scott Riley
Phone number: 506-260-9479

Circular Materials information 


Phone: 1-877-667-2626

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