Message from the Mayor

Message from the Mayor

Council would like to thank the citizens of Brockway and the surrounding area for requesting the Mayor’s attendance at a local public meeting on February 20th. The CAO and Deputy Mayor McLean attended with Mayor Corey. The organizers of the meeting identified several issues and community concerns. 

We appreciated the opportunity to provide information related to several issues and committed to providing additional information. One of the critical issues raised is related to increased property assessments and the groups’ concern as to how the current model creates an imbalance between areas of the community. The respectful and informed approach of the group was appreciated, and we came away from the meeting with a much better understanding of their concerns. While not all requests will result in change, we do believe that all parties, including the Mayor and Council, gained a great deal of information from the session. 

This year, our strategic planning process will include community and group meetings. In addition to those meetings, ward meetings will be continued as they were last year. We are always open to your questions. If you have a question or a concern that needs addressed, please contact the community office, through our website at https://harveyruralcommunity.ca/mayor-council-committees/contact/or by calling (506) 366-6240.

Richard Corey

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