About Harvey Rural Community

Harvey Rural Community was officially established on January 1, 2023, as a result of New Brunswick’s comprehensive local governance reform. This marked one of the most substantial local governance restructurings in the province’s history, aiming to modernize the system, reduce redundancies, and provide better service delivery.

Harvey Rural Community was officially formed by amalgamating the Village of Harvey with parts of four local service districts – Manners Sutton, Dumfries, Prince William, and Kingsclear.

This amalgamation allowed the community to pool resources, better manage service delivery, and provide a more unified voice for its residents. The Harvey Rural Community now represents a diverse and dynamic entity, better equipped to face the future’s challenges and opportunities.

Our Mission

To serve, unify, preserve and support the communities of Harvey Rural Community. Foster growth and build a strong, inclusive community. Provide a safe and opportunistic environment for the entire municipality through responsible governance.

Our Vision

A thriving municipality exemplifying a beautiful, rural lifestyle surrounded by nature. Uniting people, partnerships, and possibilities for a strong and vibrant Harvey Rural Community.

Our Values

Harvey Rural Community is a community of communities united by its heritage, natural environment and common future. Harvey Rural Community is committed to four values: Community, Communication, Collaboration and Future Focus. These values serve as a foundation to help guide our behaviour and play an important role in the decisions and actions of the Municipality.

Create a unified and inclusive municipality that recognizes the uniqueness of individual communities.

Demonstrate open and transparent communication and foster relationships in which people feel valued, trusted, safe and supported.

Support and encourage community partners to work together for the betterment of the community through collaborative use of knowledge, creativity and resources.

Future Focus:
Develop an environment that is conducive to growth while considering the long-term implications of our decisions and respecting a rural quality of life.

Map of Harvey Rural Community

Map of Harvey, New Brunswick

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