Harvey Rural Community Receives Housing Accelerator Fund Grant

Harvey Rural Community Receives Housing Accelerator Fund Grant

Following today’s announcement by the Federal Government regarding the allocation of funds through the Housing Accelerator Fund, Harvey Rural Community is delighted to share that it has been awarded a grant to bolster housing initiatives within the municipality.

Mayor Corey expressed gratitude, stating, “Harvey Rural Community is incredibly pleased for the contribution of federal funding through the Housing Accelerator Fund. This will allow us to appropriate funds locally by encouraging new development, with a focus on affordable housing, investments in community and housing related infrastructure. The funding will also help us foster a developer-friendly environment that brings community support to achieving our growth objectives. We will be moving quickly to put these funds to work in Harvey Rural Community.”

This $840,000.00 grant presents an exciting opportunity for the community to enhance its housing landscape, addressing crucial needs and fostering growth. The municipality is eager to commence strategic utilization of the grant to advance local development initiatives.

As next steps, residents can anticipate further information to be disseminated by the Council, providing details on how the grant will be utilized and how it will positively impact the community.

For more information, stay tuned for updates from Council, where it will first be discussed in our Council in Committee meeting 3/25 at 7PM.


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