Harvey High School

Harvey High School is an integral part of our community, providing quality education to students in grades 6 through 12. Upholding its motto “To Wisdom We Climb”, the school emphasizes lifelong learning and personal growth. Instruction is offered in both English and French, aligning with our bilingual community’s needs. The school is also known for its vibrant school spirit, embodied by the Harvey Lakers, with their proud colors of green and gold. Harvey High School’s commitment to community involvement is evident through their regular participation in local events and service projects.

For more information about Harvey High School, visit their website.

Harvey Elementary School

Harvey Elementary School, warmly referred to as “HES,” is the foundation of our community’s education, serving students from kindergarten through fifth grade. The school’s dedicated educators and staff are committed to cultivating a safe, respectful, and responsible learning environment, in alignment with the school’s motto. They tirelessly strive to nurture and develop every child’s potential, emphasizing both academic excellence and well-being. The curriculum is designed not only to build a strong academic foundation but also to stimulate creativity, foster critical thinking, and instill a love of learning in our young learners. Principal Julie Holt and her team strongly believe in the power of community, recognizing that every member plays a vital role in helping our students learn and grow. The school’s mission is to develop empathetic, responsible, resilient, and productive members of society – our very own Harvey Heroes. More about Harvey Elementary School’s programs, initiatives, and community events can be found on their website.

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